Uncovering Our Selection

The Golden Arch Distillery™/ Likeur en Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam (LJFA) is a traditional distillery that started its course already from 1985. In 2009 there was a new brand launched under the name Likeur & Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam. Our collection consists of a wide range of Amsterdam Jenevers, Bitters, Vodka, Gin, and Flacons de Cuisine. We will introduce you to our product so you have a better understanding of the quality and the natural ingredients that we use to make our products.

Bubble Gum is a Liqueur made from original bubble gum.

In 1928, Walter Diemer, an accountant working at the Fleer Chewing Gum Company located in Philadelphia, was conducting experiments with various gum recipes. One particular recipe, inspired by a formula for chewing gum known as “Blibber Blubber,” turned out to have unique properties. Unlike other gums, it was less sticky and could be stretched more easily. This gum quickly gained popularity and was eventually given the name “Dubble Bubble” by the president of Fleer due to its stretchy texture. Our Bubble liqueur is named after this unique gum.

Juffertje in ‘T Groen

Greensleeves, Young Lady in Green is made from orange and vanilla with a touch of bergamot and colored with pistachio green.

Martinus Nijhoff, born on April 20, 1894, in The Hague and passed away on January 26, 1953, was a renowned Dutch poet and essayist. He pursued his education in literature at Amsterdam and law at Utrecht. He made his literary debut in 1916 with the publication of “De Wandelaar” (The Wanderer). From that point forward, he continued to build his reputation with his singular style of poetry that was clear in language, yet imbued with mystical themes. Nijhoff was a skilled literary craftsman who effectively utilized different verse forms from different literary periods. The Dutch poet described it in a poem, an ode to the lady in green, a lady that he met in the center of Amsterdam.

We have more than 80 flavors. All the products are created from authentic and natural ingredients. Juicy oranges, lemons, mandarins, apricots, strawberries, plums, figs, blackberries, raspberries, cherries, spicy like cinnamon and ginger, sweet like hot chocolate, coconut, marzipan, fudge, caramel, and many many more!

Check the list below:

Drie Maal Drie (Three Times Three)

This is the title of an Old Dutch nursery rhyme with no clear connection to this liqueur. It might refer to the fact that it consists of three particular ingredients; an esprit of bitter almonds, a tincture of Malaga orange peelings, and real distilled wine ( red or white wine, twice distilled into what we would call a clear “cognac” or “brandy”, were we allowed to use such terms.

Eau de ma Tante (My Aunt’s Water)

Another name that is difficult to explain. It might have been meant to be emptied on the spot as a gift for a family visit. It is made from an esprit of orange and bitter almonds, with an added touch of vanilla.

Half & Half

As the story goes, in 1842 the youngest apprentice at a famous Dutch Distillery mistakenly mixed an orange liqueur with a herbal bitter. It nearly cost him his job, but when the result of his error was found to be quite tasty, he was permitted to stay. Half and Half became one of the most famous liqueurs and has never been surpassed for taste and quality. Orange is the base of this liqueur. Cinnamon, clove, and a tiny bit of aniseed are used to complete it, together with the herbs galanga and gentian. The result is Half sweet and Half bitter.

Hansje in de Kelder (Hans in the Cellar)

Hansel in the Cellar or in Flemish “Maaiken in ‘t Schrapaaiken” used to be an old expression for being pregnant. It is a liqueur that was to be served when this good news was announced to family and friends. In the past, a special goblet was used, so that when the drink was poured, a tiny doll floated to the surface. This liqueur is very special due to its composition: apricot juice, orange, cinnamon, orange blossom, and lemon. It is especially the counterpoint of the lemon that turns this drink into a special delight.

Hemptje Licht Op (Shirt Shines)

A liqueur, which purges the human body due to its medicinal origins. All medicine should taste so good! Made out of orange, cocoa, and vanilla, with a bit of added cascara.

Hoe Langer Hoe Liever (The longer The Better)

A slightly bawdy name that speaks for itself. Once you have tasted it, you won’t stop at a glass or two. Made of vanilla and orange, orange blossom, and about ten herbs and spices which we will not mention here.

Oranje Bitter (Orange Bitter)

As a long-standing tradition, this liqueur is served only once every year to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch Queen or King. Bittersweet, made of steeped Malaga orange peel and a little bit of aniseed esprit. We call it: Maximaatje ( Maxi Mate) named after the Dutch Queen Maxima.

Kwartier Voor Vijfen (Quarter to Five)

With other distilleries also known as “a quarter past five” this is one of the many liqueurs meant to be savored as an aperitif. Raspberry juice, cinnamon, orange, vanilla, and bitter almonds blended into a perfect marriage of flavors.

Naveltje Bloot (Naked Belly Button)

This liqueur was and still is, to be served on the occasions when an obvious mother-to-be- proudly shows her tummy to family and friends. Made out of cinnamon, orange blossom, lemon peel, and mace.

Pruimpje Prik in (Prick in a Prune)

An obviously ribald but historical name for a liqueur that is made out of squashed plums from our own orchard and an eau-de-vie of the same. Nice and fresh.

Roosje Zonder Doornen (Rose without Thorns)

Made from red and purple rose petals, with the addition of some geranium to form a liqueur with the intoxicating aroma of a flowering garden in summer.

Sinaasappel (Orange)

Formerly known as Curaçao liqueur, and obtainable in various strengths and colors. Since the number of plantations in Curaçao has dropped to almost zero, and since the peel that we use comes from various kinds of oranges, we simply call it Sinaasappel (Orange).

Venusolie (Lotion of Venus)

A liqueur most probably of French descent, called “Huile de Venus”, to which the goddess of love and beauty has reputedly accorded aphrodisiac powers.

Verheet Mij Niet (Forget Me Not)

Parting is such a sweet sorrow, and it hurts. If you wind up far from home, you may find comfort in this fruity liqueur, which is meant to remind you of the giver. Cherry juice. eau-de-vie of cherries, vanilla, and orange are the ingredients.

Volmaakt Geluk (Perfect Bliss)

A name that sure does speak for itself. An esprit of rose petals, with the addition of orange and bitter almond.

For those with less of an alcoholic appetite, we provide most of the aforementioned flavors in Likorettes. Likorettes are liqueur-like products with alcohol content below 15%. Are you a chocolate admirer? Then check out our collection of chocolate Liqeurs and Likorettes with chocolate flavor in combination with hazelnut, marzipan, or coconut. Their taste is daunting!