Celebrating Love Around the World on Valentine’s Day

Likeur en Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam Valentijn 2023

We all know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance due to Saint Valentine’s day. This day s dedicated to love and lovers. People exchange gifts, cards, candy, or flowers with their unique “valentine”. But what is exactly the origin and how it began to be such a celebration? We will … Read more

Likeur en Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam Rises

History  During the 1500s to 1700s, in almost every Dutch city there were several distilleries making jenever or other spirits. In Northern France and in Northwestern Germany as well as in Belgium jenever was also known and produced. It is challenging to tell when exactly and who discovered jenever. Many attribute its discovery to a … Read more

Best Funny Alcohol Memes

A meme is typically a picture or a video that uses a great deal of humor and usually carries symbolic meaning to represent a particular phenomenon or theme. The original “meme” was a term introduced by the evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkin, in 1976 in his work The Selfish Gene. The word derives from the Greek … Read more

Understanding Alcohol: A Comprehensive Overview

Alcohol dates way back in history. People’s encounters with alcohol can be found in many civilizations and cultures including the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and the British. From ancient times, when beer recipes were recorded on tablets, to Prohibition in the United States, to the astonishing rates of alcohol consumerism in modern times. Alcohol … Read more

The State of Alcohol Consumption Today

The consumption of alcohol dates way back in time. In ancient years it was said that alcohol was used for medicinal purposes or as an offering to gods. Nowadays the consumption of alcohol little changed. Of course, people do not use it as a remedy for illnesses, yet its use is popular amongst people with … Read more

Uncovering Our Selection

The Golden Arch Distillery™/ Likeur en Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam (LJFA) is a traditional distillery that started its course already from 1985. In 2009 there was a new brand launched under the name Likeur & Jeneverfabriek Amsterdam. Our collection consists of a wide range of Amsterdam Jenevers, Bitters, Vodka, Gin, and Flacons de Cuisine. We will introduce … Read more

Best Quotes and Jokes about Liqueur and booze

Liqueurs have a long history that dates back to Middle Ages. Many cultures throughout the world enjoyed them for centuries. It is said that monks used liqueurs in order to preserve herbs and spices. Liqueurs are also referred to as cordials. Many of the oldest liqueurs were once medicinal cordials used to cure all sorts … Read more

Top Destinations for Experiencing Exceptional Liqueurs

Traveling is all about visiting different cities, countries, or even continents, and experiencing new cultures, environments, and ways of life. It is most certainly an enriching and exciting experience that allows people to learn about the world and themselves. In this context people who are going abroad like to taste food and beverages traditionally made … Read more